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What is Gooner? The largest traditional force of true football fans in the world. If you are really interested in this topic, please follow the entire article below, Vipph we will provide the most useful content for you.

What is Gooner?

Gooner is a common name for fans of England’s most traditional football team, Arsenal.

However, you should not confuse Gooner with another Arsenal nickname, Gunner. A detailed explanation for this is that while Gunner is the nickname and brand name of the Arsenal club, Gooner is just the name for people who love this team.

Origin of the name Gooner

There are many explanations about the origin of the name Gooner. However, summarizing official sources, the origin of Gooner comes from Gunner, the traditional nickname of the Arsenal club with a similar pronunciation.

At the end of the 19th century, several fans appeared who loved the Arsenal team passionately. They gathered into a powerful group called the Goon Squad, and over time, these members and organizations became collectively known as Gooners.

How to identify Gooner

To identify a Gooner is really not difficult. The outstanding features below will help readers recognize a true Gunners fan.

Big love for Arsenal

The first thing that helps us recognize a true Gooner is the love they have for the Arsenal football team. Their love for the club they support is reflected in many aspects, which can be easily recognized such as:

Gooner is always present to support and watch Arsenal at every match that this club participates in. This can be done live or on television, but of course, true fans never miss any of Gunner’s matches.

Gooner always makes time for team-related events such as club anniversaries. Personnel changes from the club, they continuously update information and closely follow the team. Their cheerleading jerseys are banners related to Arsenal and they always carry it with them when watching their favorite team play.

Activities to support civilized football teams

A true Gooner always supports the Arsenal club in a civilized way. They share joy and celebration when the club wins but also do not turn their backs when the club faces difficulties or fails. They always have great faith and love for the team they support.

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A civilized Gooner is someone who supports his team but does not play badly or affect other team’s fans. They are people who love beautiful football and behave civilly, not crazy hooligan fans with bad actions and causing animosity with fans of other clubs.

Why is the number of Gooners increasing?

There are many reasons why gooners are becoming more and more numerous globally. Below are the two main reasons we have summarized.

The beautiful football tradition of Arsenal’s “gunners”.

Arsenal is a club rich in tradition, established in 1886. The club’s original name was Woolwich Arsenal and was renamed Arsenal, associated with the name Gunner, since 1913.

In its history of development and operations, the Arsenal club’s principle about football is beautiful football. Through many generations of coaches and players, Arsenal’s playing style has always formed an identity of fair play, dedication, and development of young talent, especially under coach Arsene Wenger. That’s why the club always attracts a large number of football lovers around the world.

Information technology connects global fans

There is no denying the power of global communication and information technology in developing connections among gooners. Gooners around the world in many countries can interact and develop a community of Arsenal fans who love beautiful football more easily.

It cannot be denied that the number of Gooners is at the top of the clubs with the largest number of fans globally. This is thanks to the fans’ love for the team and the connection to the Gunners fan community around the world.

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